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Michelle Moore is an internationally recognized expert in online learning. A former middle school math teacher, Michelle, has been an advocate for Moodle since evaluating it fifteen years ago during a review of learning management systems while completing her Master's Degree in Instructional Design and Technology. Enamored with Moodle's capabilities and its foundation in social constructionism, it wasn't long before Michelle's passion led her to a full-time position training and providing support for educators and trainers in schools, universities, and businesses across North America. Since then, Michelle has helped thousands of Moodlers leverage Moodle's features to design quality online, blended, and mobile learning experiences.

Michelle is an energetic, award-winning speaker who presents regularly at MoodleMoots and educational technology conferences worldwide on the use of Moodle with a strong emphasis on pedagogy and best practices. Michelle is pursuing a doctorate in Learning Technologies at University of North Texas where she is actively researching online education and constructivist teaching methods. 

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Jonathan Moore is an independent eLearning Consultant and active Moodle community member speaking regularly at conferences. He specializes in the technical aspects of eLearning delivery. Jonathan is an expert in virtualization, performance assessment, change management, and custom development projects. Jonathan formerly served as a senior executive with former Moodle Partner Remote Learner. He served in a variety of roles including CTO, VP of Business Development, VP UK Operations, VP over Sales, and VP over Project Management. He also authored a book for Packt Publishing on Moodle Extension Development.

Jonathan started his career as the Director of Technology for Winfield Public Schools. Winfield is a mid-sized K12 public school. He was the director for about nine years, during which time he implemented various open source technologies to provide better educational services and a budget price. His Student Technology Assistance Team (STAT) project was awarded COMPTIAs best student program award.

Jonathan has had an interest in open source software since first being introduced to Linux. He believes strongly in the open source development model and considers himself extremely blessed to work in the open source community.