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Moodle exemplifies the open source spirit like no other learning management system. The software is free to download, the code is freely available, and there are plugins galore! With Moodle, you have the freedom to build the learning platform of your dreams!

The challenge, until now though, has been to choose between taking advantage of all of the power and flexibility of Moodle (self-hosting) and the benefits of traditional Moodle hosting.

Don't Choose One . . . Choose Both!

Traditional Hosting Self-hosting
Engineered design Full access and full control
Security Your own infrastructure
Scalability Unlimited plugins and customizations
Repeatable build No vendor lock-in
System monitoring No markups (servers, bandwidth, storage)
Reliable support from a team of experts Control support/labor costs

Welcome to unHosting!


We think you shouldn’t have to choose between the advantages of open source and expert support and design. Our team at My Learning Consultants has developed a set of tools that leverages years of professional Moodle hosting experience in support of the Moodle and the open source way. With this set of tools, we’ve taken everything we don’t love about most traditional hosting services and flipped it on its head.


With unHosting:

  • Use your own Amazon Web Services account

  • No long term contract required

  • No setup fees

  • Unbundled services

  • Use only what you need and pay only for what you use!


How does it work?

We have big dreams for unHosting, but for now unHosting is designed to work with your Amazon Web Services account (other platforms to come). unHosting is much more than just another server image though!

unHosting uses Amazon APIs and a scripted install process to produce a Moodle instance complete with load balancers, web and database servers, all tuned to meet your site requirements. With unHosting, we focus on creating repeatable builds that are stable and easy to manage, update, and maintain.

In a nutshell, unHosting:

  • Deploys production grade services to Amazon Web Services

  • Deploys with security in mind

  • Offers daily backups with off-server geographically disperse snapshots

  • Creates sites from Moodle’s official repository

  • Creates sites from custom public and private git repositories

  • Securely installs plugins from the Moodle community database

  • Automatically updates infrastructure software for web server, php, database, etc.

  • Automatically applies Moodle bug and security updates

  • Automatic SSL certificate generation

  • Safe restoration of backup data  to new or staging site

  • Historical server monitoring from within the AWS console

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